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Always enjoy a snook fishing trip with Captain Trey! It’s a first class experience as Trey puts you on the fish! He takes the time to help you learn how to catch the ferocious snook. It is explosive! Truly a great Captain and a wonderful friend! Captain Trey, you are the best!
Jimmy Curtis Avatar
Jimmy Curtis
When booking a charter for sport fishing you’ve got 2 types of people either die hard fisherman who only care about catching lots of fish abd stacking up the cooler to take home and then there’s the more relaxed charter to experience catching some fish possibly catch and release along with some nice local sight seeing, swimming enjoying being on the water boating. Captain Trey can accommodate any experience you prefer. Local to the area, 40 yrs plus of fishing experience and what sets some captains apart is passion for the lifestyle sharing it with people. You will get a full experience as good as it can get on a trip with Captain Trey with Top Water charters you cannot go wrong!
Jason Stevison Avatar
Jason Stevison
Awesome trip. Captain, boat, and equipment were all first rate. We will definitely be back
Brad Foran Avatar
Brad Foran

Fishing Guide

Discover why Topwater Charters has become the preferred fishing charter service in the West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida area for both beginners and seasoned anglers. The secret to our success? A passionate commitment to excellence and the unparalleled expertise of Captain Trey Giraitis.

Now, let’s talk about the main man behind our success, Captain Trey Giraitis. Seasoned anglers flock to Topwater Charters specifically to learn from and fish with Captain Trey. His unmatched knowledge of the local waters is second to none, honed over years of professional and recreational fishing in the region. A passionate angler himself, Captain Trey is always eager to share his vast experience and insights, making every charter trip not just an adventure, but a learning experience as well.

It is nothing for Captain Trey to jump off the boat after a snook who is playing hard to get! This is one of the many reasons Captain Trey receives great charter reviews.

Topwater Charters stands out as the best fishing charter in the West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida area because of our commitment to excellence, the impeccable quality of our equipment and vessels, and the unique allure of our fishing grounds. Above all, the presence of our beloved Captain Trey Giraitis is the cherry on top, ensuring every angler walks away with not only a fantastic catch but a treasure trove of unforgettable memories.

Come and discover the Topwater Charters difference for yourself. The open waters are calling, and Captain Trey Giraitis is ready to guide you on your next fishing adventure.